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IKEA plans to implement new order and pickup point at Katy store

International furniture retailer, IKEA, is introducing a new shopping concept at its upcoming store location in Katy, Texas. The new concept, called Order Point, aims to offer a hassle-free shopping experience by allowing customers to browse and order IKEA products online for pickup at the designated location.

The retailer has recognized the increasing trend of customers preferring to shop online due to convenience and time-saving benefits. The Order Point concept aims to accommodate this trend by providing customers with a seamless online shopping experience while still giving them the option to see and feel the products before purchase.

The new IKEA store in Katy will provide an opportunity for customers to order furniture and other home decor items from the vast IKEA catalog. The customers can then collect their orders from the designated Order Point at their convenience. The store will also offer expert advice and inspiration for customers who seek guidance with their purchases.

The Order Point will be a separate area within the store, distinct from the traditional showroom floor. This new concept is expected to enhance the overall shopping experience for customers and streamline the order process. It will also facilitate quicker and more convenient transactions, reducing the time spent waiting in checkout lines.

The Katy store is set to feature eco-friendly initiatives and emphasize sustainability, aligning with IKEA’s commitment towards a greener future. Additionally, the store will include easy access facilities for customers with physical disabilities.

IKEA plans to open this new store in summer 2021. It will mark the Swedish retailer’s fourth store in Texas, contributing to the company’s expansion strategy in the United States. Along with offering a wide range of affordable furniture, IKEA hopes the Order Point concept will attract customers seeking a more flexible and hassle-free shopping experience both online and in-store.

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